Report "Unfortunately, force closes has stopped"

When Bible lexicon application suddenly crash it will most probably pop this dialog. The best thing you can do, is to hit report button and type some notes when this crash happened. Reporting problem this way will deliver specified info and crash location to the developer. Please put your name or email into notes in order to contact you back.


To turn on debug features go to settings, swipe to the bottom, check debug and debug tab settings. Once these settings are checked you will be able to see debug informations. Now leave settings, new tab with debugging options will be visible. If you do not check debug tab debugging will be on but logs will be logged only to log file without printing it to the program.

Send debug log
View debug log file
Open db viewer

Catching errors

Follow these steps to reproduce wrong behavior and to send it to developer:

  1. Enable debug with debug tab (go to settings right at the bottom)
  2. Exit application
  3. Start application
  4. Perform actions in which the error occurred (actions will be logged)
  5. After performing actions:
    • If application do not crash, select debug tab and click on send button (paper airplane) to send to developer
    • If application crash, start it again, select debug tab and click on send button (paper airplane) to send to
  6. You will be contacted later


To search by transliteration follow this table. Note that all characters ignores any accents.


αι αυ ει ευ ηυ οι ου υι
ai ay ei ey ey oi oy yi
α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ ς τ υ φ χ ψ ω
a b g d e z e th i k l m n x o p r s s t y f ch ps o


For searching it is used transliteration without vowels.

א בּ ב גּ ג דּ ד כּ כ ך ח ה זּ ז וּ ו טּ ט יּ י לּ ל מּ מ ם
´ b v g g d d k ch ch h h z z w w t t j j l l m m m
נּ נ ן ׆ סּ ס ע פ פּ ף צּ צ ץ קּ ק ר ש שּׁ שׁ שּׂ שׂ תּ ת
n n n n s s ` f p f c c c q q r s s s s s t t

Beta code

Beta code is used by Perseus digital library (  and defines special transliteration rules for Greek.

Reset application settings

Sometimes happens that you need to restore application settings. This can be done by uninstalling the application or manual reset. Manual reset can be done by accessing application's detail (android's settings > apps > downloaded > Bible lexicon) and pressing "clear data" button.

Reset settings

Help with UI translation

Bible lexicon's locating to another languages is depended on peoples voluntarism.

If you want to help with translation, please, fill out this form.

If you need to get language code, you can get it from this site:

You can sign/log in on this page:

Please make an account with email address you have contacted us to start translating. When your translation is ready we will publish an application update and list you among translations authors.

See the translation process here:

More recent Bible versions

If you are looking to download Bible versions like NIV, RSV, ESV, NKJV and others, here is the reason we do not provide them. Recent versions of Bibles are licensed works and to make them available free, we need publisher's permission. Currently we were not able to obtain any of these permissions. We understand the scholarly work behind and also that actually paying for these resources is keeping alive the publishers.

This is why recent versions, if not available for free, are not available to download.