Lexicons are useful for searching Greek or Hebrew words meanings and seeing the details about them. Lexicons are also used by other application's modules and functionalities to provide translations. 

Any lexicon can be opened through your downloaded library.

Search forms

There is couple of way how to enter your search:

Advanced search

Video tutorial

For a video guide for this module see this link.


Any Bible can be opened right from your library. Bibles a very easy to use.

Bible reader

Bible reader is, simply put, reader for multiple Bibles. Bibles can be paralleled next to each other.

To open Bibles click on "add book" button.

To close Bible click on "x" button.


Concordance study tool is used for searching for a specific phrase. You best find it useful when looking for a phrase like "from that time", it will list all occurences of that phrase.

Search forms

There is couple of way how to enter your search:

Advanced search

Exegetical study

This study tool is designed to do verse-by-verse study. Helper tabs can be toggled bringing you another specific insight into studied verse.

Selected Bible

There must be selected main Bible which is used by helper tabs and by search bar. It can be selected in two ways:

Helper tabs

Helper tabs refresh when current verse is changed or books list is changed. Some tabs however change only by manual. 

Search bar

This bar is mainly used for concordant searches in selected Bible. When you click on the row the verse will be displayed in exegetical study.

Advanced search


Be sure to check settings for exegetical study tool.

Passage translation

Lexicons search


All video tutorials can be listed on this youtube channel.